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Our Prices

To help you see how much your site will cost we have devised some set price packages to get you started. The packages have all the basics you need to get and stay on the web. These can be added to as required from the list of optional extras. We also offer bespoke sites at excellent rates - please contact us for a quote.


Optional Extras
  • Extra pages £30 each
  • Virus Scanning £40 p.a.
  • Site Statistics £25 p.a.
  • Site Updates £20 per hour
  • Password Protection £15 p.a.
  • Hosting from £50 p.a.
£99 Starter Site
£250 Site
£500 site
  • design of up to 3 web pages
  • a UK domain name
  • hosting for 1 year
  • e-mail forwarding
  • 1 hour of site maintenance
  • search engine registration*
  • design of up to 6 web pages
  • POP3 e-mail accounts
  • e-mail forwarding
  • web hosting for 1 year
  • a UK domain name
  • site statistics
  • maintenance of up to 2 hours per year
  • search engine registration*
  • design of up to 12 web pages
  • POP3 email with virus scanning
  • e-mail forwarding
  • web hosting
  • any domain name (UK or global)
  • site statistics
  • site maintenance of up to 3 hours
  • search engine registration*
  • a site map

Domain Names

We are happy to register domain names for you, prices are as follows:

UK domains (.co.uk/.org.uk etc.) £15 for 2 years
Global domains (.com, .net, .org etc.) £30 for 2 years

*A note about search engine registration. We will register your site with the major search engines using their free service (it may take a month or two to get listed). Most of them offer express registration for a fee - we can do this for you at cost.

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